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Do you run a book blog? Are you wondering what’s “normal” when it comes to traffic? Well, maybe this post from Pages Unbound answers some of your questions!

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Book Blogger StatsIntroduction

After numerous bloggers expressed interest in seeing what the “average” book blog stats might look like, I decided to conduct an informal survey and share the results.  While there are things about the survey I would change if I could do it again, I hope everyone finds the results useful.  That said, if anyone else wants to do a follow-up survey with different questions, I’d be interested in seeing that, too.

Altogether, 67 book bloggers answered the survey.

Survey Results

Most of the bloggers who answered are fairly new bloggers, with about 72% reporting they have been blogging two years or less.  However, I’ll try to note where I can throughout the survey whether the age of the blog seems correlated to the stats.

Blog Stats 1

It appears that 0-100 views per days is normal. Seventy-five percent of bloggers said they receive 75 or fewer views per day. About the same…

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