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Interested in being featured on WordMothers? Please subscribe first to get a general feel for the blog and make sure we’re the right fit for your work. Then use the contact form below to send me your credentials / list of publications and any relevant links.

Please note that WordMothers leans towards traditionally published authors at this stage. I don’t have time to read every single author I showcase (and wouldn’t want to limit the scope of the site to my personal tastes anyway), so I rely on the gatekeepers of traditional publishing to vet my interviewees. I do, however, run an occasional spotlight on indie authors so if you are self-published and would like to be considered for a special feature in the future, by all means get in touch and tell me more about your work.

I also encourage you to show your support for other female literary artists by liking WordMothers on Facebook, and following on Twitter @wordmothers.

NB: I do not provide personal details for anyone featured on this site. If you would like to contact an interviewee, please follow the links that they have chosen to share in their Q & A.

Thanks for taking the time to connect!

~ Nicole Melanson

Nicole Melanson WordMothers Editor Poet Writer Author


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