Editing Services

Looking for professional input on your work? As the founder of WordMothers, I have featured, reviewed, and edited hundreds of women writers working in every genre. Now I am happy to offer a couple of affordable options to help you polish your writing, with a focus on full manuscripts and poetry:  


Book Review PREVIEWS – Want honest feedback on your manuscript BEFORE it goes out to the world? Less formal than an assessment, my previews provide you with an honest response to your work. Think of it as checking Goodreads – while you still have the chance to make changes!


Poetry Editing – Stuck on a piece or wondering how it reads to others? I can help you with everything from overall structure to line edits. Whether you want support with individual poems or an entire collection, I’m ready to read your poetry!


As a writer myself, I appreciate the amount of effort, energy, and yes, emotion, that goes into producing creative work. I’d love to help you refine your writing and get it out into the world meeting readers!  


Interested? Please get in touch here.

I look forward to working with you!

– Nicole

Nicole Melanson - Writer, Poet, Editor of WordMothers