Guest Posts

WordMothers now welcomes guest posts on topics of value to women writers. Think of these as online masterclasses. Posts average 1000 words and speak to one aspect of an author’s experience working in the industry.

If you would like to be considered for a guest posting opportunity, please get in touch via my Contact page.


Bartow, Karina — If Books Could Talk: The Benefits of Dialogue

Blunt, Ashley Kalagian — Getting the Most from Writers’ Groups

Daines, Amber — How to Make the Most of Podcast Opportunities

Gibson, Jodi — What Does It Take to Be an Indie Author

Murdoch, Kate — From Private Artist to Public Author: A New Writer’s Guide to Handling Publicity

O’Hagan, Denise — Finding Objectivity in a Personal Editor-Author Relationship

Tidball, Debra — How to Develop a Writing Community: A Tale of 2 Launches