Women’s Writing Podcasts

The following podcasts specialize in writing by / for / about women.

This list is a work in progress. If you find a non-working link, or if you know of a podcast I should add, please let me know. I appreciate your help in making this list as comprehensive as possible.

Thank you!

— Nicole Melanson

Nicole Melanson - Writer, Poet, Editor of WordMothers


Anonymous Was a Woman

Anonymous Was A Woman with Jamila Rizvi and Astrid Edwards is a conversation on books by, and about, women.


Black Chick Lit Podcast

A bookish podcast by and about black women

Black Chick Lit a bi-monthly podcast that talks books by and about black women.


Breaking the Glass Slipper Podcast

Women in speculative fiction

We are here to celebrate the wonderful contribution of women to speculative fiction. We are an intersectional feminist podcast and embrace all voices.


The Book Podcast

Conversations with Australian Women Writers

Each week Rosemary Puddy talks to Australian women authors of fiction and non-fiction to get the stories behind the story.


Debut Author Podcasts

Each Debut Author Podcast is a conversation between our moderator Maggie Smith and a debut women’s fiction author.


Feminist Writers Festival Podcasts

Podcasted events from the Feminist Writers Festival. FWF builds on existing themes and voices around feminism and women’s writing by offering a space for critical engagement and practical support for all feminist writers and readers.


Fierce Womxn Writing Podcast

Every week, Sara Gallagher introduces you to a new writer, their work, and their practice. The podcast ends with a prompt to spark your creativity.


Lady Plays Podcast

A bi-monthly podcast dramatizing new plays by women.


Reading Women Podcast

Reading Women releases new episodes every Wednesday. Each month features two episodes on the same theme—one highlighting several titles and one discussing two titles more in depth—and two author interviews with talented women writers.


Sentimental Garbage

Join author and journalist Caroline O’Donoghue as she discovers the chick-lit classics her guests were raised on, from schmaltzy romances to family comedies to bodice-ripping dramas. We talk to authors, fans and cultural critics about what makes chick-lit tick, and investigate why it’s so often overlooked.


Sisteria Podcast

Sisteria is a podcast about women & non-binary creatives’ experiences as creators & consumers of arts & culture. Hosted and produced by Stephanie Van Schilt, produced by Jessica Lukjanow.


Stella Podcast

The Stella Podcast hosts conversations about gender and literature, and celebrates Australian women’s writing.


Unladylike Podcast

A podcast on women and writing

Unladylike is hosted by Adele Walsh and Kelly Gardiner, and features a dazzling range of women and non-binary writers, editors, publishers and bookish types, so you’ll hear new voices in every episode.


Wine, Women & Writing Radio

Pamela Fagan Hutchins talks with other writers about stories with complex, authentic females at their cores as well as the issues women face in real life and how these translate into great reads. 


Women’s Prize for Fiction Podcast

Every fortnight, join Zing Tsjeng, editor at VICE, and inspirational guests, including Dolly Alderton, Stanley Tucci, Liv Little and Scarlett Curtis as they celebrate the best fiction written by women.


Women Writing 4 (a) Change

From women connecting through the arts to rap singers and art critics, The Podcast Edition brings listeners lively discussions about the intersection of writing and life.  Poetry, essays, fiction and even rap, showcases the words of women, young women and men who are inspired by the power of the written and spoken word.


Writes4Women Podcast

Writes4Women is all about celebrating women’s voices in literature, media, publishing and life. It’s about being a woman writer, writing for women and rights for women all over the world.

Pam and Kel chat about writing, publishing, and feminism from opposite ends of the career spectrum. Kel is at the very beginning, trying to forge a career as a female writer for the first time while Pam is a successful author, mentor and teacher looking to change direction.