Happy New Year from WordMothers!

I’ve been chatting with some amazing female writers these last couple weeks and I can’t wait to share their interviews with you. These women write across a wide range of genres. Some of them are already well established in their field; others are just beginning to make their mark. All of them have fresh and interesting insights to offer regarding their individual work and their perspective on the literary scene at large.

I’ll also be introducing women who work on the business side of things. These are the women who take great writing and push it to the next level, the ones who grow readerships, the ones who fight to raise literacy rates, the ones ensuring a future generation of readers can access quality literature.

It is my goal to provide a platform on which female wordsmiths can introduce themselves and talk about their work in their own words. To that end, I aim to keep my personal commentary to a minimum. This is where you come in. I invite you, the reader, to share your thoughts on what these women have to say, and to let me know who else you would like to see featured. Your input will prove an invaluable resource in making this site all that it can be.

Here’s to a very literary 2015!

Cheers, Nicole Melanson

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