Spotlight on self-published authors

The next couple days are a special feature devoted to self-published authors.

At present, I rely on the gatekeepers of traditional publishing to vet my interviewees as I simply don’t have time to read every single author I feature—nor do I want to constrict WordMothers to my personal tastes: literary fiction, poetry, YA, children’s literature, French literature, and non-fiction such as philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and interior design.

However, before I specified that I wasn’t going to be featuring self-published authors just yet, I received a query from the lovely Niki Malherbe. When I declined, she thanked me for my consideration anyway. I was really touched because it actually takes a fair bit of my time to sift through inquiries. Some people submit little more than their name and an expression of interest, leaving it up to me to trawl through the internet to figure out who they are and what—if anything—they’ve actually published. I also try to be as respectful as possible when I do send out a rejection, so to have someone acknowledge that effort was really nice. The upshot of that exchange is I’ve been thinking about putting together this feature ever since!

It’ll be a short “week” as I’m at Sydney Writers’ Festival Thursday – Sunday. With 5 kids spread across 3 schools and however many extracurricular activities, I seem to have maxed out my facial recognition skills this year, so if you see me, please come over and say hello!


Nicole 🙂

3 thoughts on “Spotlight on self-published authors

  1. I’m new to your blog as of today. The interview with Lupe Ruiz-Flores brought me over from Facebook. So happy to find you. And, so happy to see you are beginning to be open to self-published authors.


    1. Hi Pamela, happy you found us. The self-publishing spotlight is just a special feature for now, but I may well give it another run in the future. I love the idea of bringing attention to deserving authors, however they’re published; it just takes a lot more time and effort for me as an editor to sift through applicants if they haven’t already passed through a traditional agent / editor / publisher. I’m pleased to be featuring these 3 this week as I really liked the way they communicated, which encouraged me to take a closer look at what they were doing. 🙂

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