8 Tips for Writing with Neuro / Cognitive Disability – Part One

Nicole Melanson

Nicole Melanson ~

Mind the Gap

We Need Diverse Books from Own Voices, but writers with neuro / cognitive disabilities face the unique challenge of trying to tell stories while dealing with language and processing skills deficits.

When I was writing The Accident—a novel about brain injury—I developed a neurological disorder. How’s that for irony? Here are some of the things that helped me finish despite my new cog fog:

Use time wisely

There’s a widespread misconception that you’re either disabled, or you’re not. Additionally, people seem to think that having a diagnosis means knowing what to expect on any given day. But disabilities are variable, and the slightest change in circumstance can cause an enormous shift in symptoms. Moreover, if your disability is autoimmune in nature, you can be dysfunctional during a flare, yet perfectly “normal” otherwise.

Days when you simply cannot think are a write-off. That means you have to…

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