Pingbacks (PSA)

Here’s a good post from The Haunted Wordsmith on making sure your pingbacks work.

The Haunted Wordsmith

Maybe everyone knows this already, but it just came to me this week that, while nice, pingbacks are often misunderstood creatures.

The premise of the pingback is simple…it creates a link to your page on someone else’s page automatically (well, after the blog owner approves it if they have that feature turned on). My settings are that I must approve the pingback before it appears on my blog. I like this for one reason — it tells me that someone has written something that I probably really want to read (i.e. someone participated in a challenge from my blog).

Sounds great right?

In theory it is…but here are the problems with pingbacks–

  1. They only show on blog posts
  2. They seldom work when someone links to the reader’s page
  3. They rarely work if the person shortened the link

Now, to explain these a little further…

I don’t know if what I…

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