New Resources Added

Hi there,

Hope you’re all doing well at the moment.

Just a short post to let you know that I’ve added some additional resources to this site.

There’s now a page on Women’s Libraries, Playwriting / Screenwriting, Mentorship Schemes, and Podcasts.

I’m aware of a site that keeps copying all my content instead of doing the legwork themselves, so I fully expect they’ll lift these new pages, too. Their wording is almost exactly the same as mine – just tweaked ever so slightly so it doesn’t come up as a duplicate. I’ve sent them a message asking to knock it off, but they persist, so if you happen to come across them, please don’t reward them with traffic or referrals. I’m all for anything that creates attention and opportunities for women writers, but stealing the results of someone else’s labor is a pretty sleazy thing to do – especially when you’re purporting to support other artists.

Anyway, I’m proud of what I offer here at WordMothers and if you like this site too, maybe forward some of these new resources to your friends and invite them to stop by for a visit?

Have a great day!

x Nicole

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