I have flash fiction in The Saturday Paper today

Nicole Melanson ~

Nicole Melanson flash fiction in The Saturday Paper

This is me buying my copy of The Saturday Paper at the newsagent’s this morning (photo courtesy of my eight-year-old, who was kind enough to get out of bed and accompany me to the shops, even though there were much more interesting things to watch on TV). I’m the fiction feature in this week’s edition: “Ready” and “Lucky”.

I don’t write a lot of short stories. I tend to waffle on until I realize I’m knee-deep in long-form fiction again. Poetry is a much more intuitive form for me.

These two pieces felt like poems when I was writing them, though. Something about flash feels really familiar to me. I like the vignette aspect of it, and how much work individual lines have to do – just like in poetry.

I’ve since written a handful more of these pieces, all linked thematically. So, who knows? Maybe they’ll turn into some kind of collection in the future!

Nicole Melanson The Saturday Paper flash fiction Ready and Lucky

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