Interview with Jane Routley

I’m excited to share WordMothers interviewee Sophie Masson’s great Q&A with author Jane Routley discussing pseudonyms, worldbuilding, and changes in the genre of fantasy fiction. Enjoy!

Feathers of the Firebird

JaneRoutleyToday it is my great pleasure to feature a really interesting interview I did recently with Jane Routley, multi-award-winning author of haunting and gripping fantasy novels, whose earlier books, I’m delighted to see, are enjoying a deserved comeback through ClanDestine Press, but who’s also hard at work on several new fantasy novel projects. And she’s also continuing with another wonderful side to her writing–Station Stories, intriguing non-fiction vignettes inspired by her day job. Read on!

Your new ebook, The Three Sisters, has just been released by ClanDestine Press. It was first published in 2004 under the pseudonym of Rebecca Locksley, and received fantastic reviews, including one from the great fantasy author Sara Douglass, who deemed it a ‘captivating read’. Can you tell us a bit about the book’s journey from its initial publication to its new release now? Did you make any changes to the original book, and how…

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Jane Routley

  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I wanted to ask if you’d like an ARC of my next book , but you sound snowed under .Sorry To hear about your Covid-19 parent. I hope they are doing ok. Must be so painful to be far away at this time.
    All the best
    Jane Routley

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    1. Hi, Jane. Yes, things are pretty full-on ATM. I also don’t really read fantasy, so wouldn’t have much context to write a review, but wish you the best of luck with your book. Cheers, Nicole


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