100 interviews!

WordMothers hit interview #100 with Lee Kofman yesterday, so I baked a cake to celebrate!

Cake to celebrate 100 interviews on WordMothers

OK, that’s a lie. But we have birthdays in this house every 2.5 weeks for 3 months and while you might think it’s impossible to get sick of cake, you’d be wrong — and this is coming from someone with an abnormally high cake-consumption threshold. The truth is, I made this for my new 7YO, who randomly and quite specifically requested “white cake with red jam in the middle and lots of whipped cream on top”, but he was more than happy to share with the blog because he’s super generous like that.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the authors who agreed to appear on WordMothers when it was still a mere idea in my head. It takes equal parts optimism and altruism to spend time composing thoughtful responses to interview questions and providing appropriate media for a blog that doesn’t even exist yet, and I am really grateful to these women for participating with such enthusiasm. It was their early support, positivity, and pleasantries that reassured me that WordMothers was a good idea and something worth investing lots of time in, and it was their contributions that set a high standard for features right from the start.

To that end, I want to give a little bump to those initial interviews today. WordMothers has grown much faster than I anticipated, so I’d like to invite new readers to go back and take a look at the authors who helped me launch that first week:


Carmel Bird

Gillian Royes

Jessie Cole

Kathryn Lasky

E. J. Koh

Barbara Erasmus

Abha Iyengar


Enjoy, and here’s to the next 100!

~ Nicole

12 thoughts on “100 interviews!

  1. As the author of ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake’, I’m frequently offered cake at events. Dangerous for the waistline but generous. And it is important to celebrate literary milestones, even with virtual cake. Imaginary cake like imaginary friends are easier to produce. But it’s important to celebrate your 100 th literary anything. Well done.

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    1. Thank you, Louise. I wanted to make sure the writers featured got the attention they deserved, and the best way to do that seemed to be to give them lots of good company! I’m really proud of the community we’re creating here and so grateful to everyone who’s played their part in supporting women’s writing. It’s an uphill battle but I’m cheered by how many people want to see the literary playing fields leveled to accurately reflect the participation of both genders!

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